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If you love Samskrit or the Knowledge Heritage to which it is key and feel the need to promote it, supporting the Samskrit Book Fair is a great way to express your love in action.

The organizers greatly appreciate your support in one of the following ways:

  • Click here to Donate money to help meet the book fair expenses.
  • Sign up to Volunteer for coordination during the event.
  • Spread awareness about the event and get people to come and feel the excitement around Samskrit first hand.
  • Learn to Speak in Samskrit. Bring Samskrit into your daily life. This is the best way to protect our heritage.

Appeal for Financial Support

The Samskrit book fair is being organized as a labor of love by a team of volunteers dedicated to revitalizing the Samskrit language. This is much more than a book sale event. It is an effort to revive public interest in Samskrit and to promote its contribution to modern scientific and social dialogue.

Though there is substantial government support, due to the sheer scale of this event and the paucity of commercial interest in Samskrit today, there is need for a lot more funds than we could procure to meet the logistical expenses. These funds are needed to support scholars and students visiting the fair at highly subsidized rates, and to organize the Samskrit conference and exhibition.

How Your Donation Helps

Your donations for the fair will help support Samskrit scholars and students to come to the fair, spur innovative publications in Samskrit and educate the public about the rich knowledge heritage hidden in Samskrit works. Public support for this event will indirectly encourage our young to take up Samskrit as a field of serious study (शास्त्राध्ययनम्‌) and research (संशोधनम्‌), thereby unearthing the riches in its literature for the benefit of society. Several examples of such benefits are already being realized in the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda, Management Sciences, Psychology and Language Processing. Some of them are being exhibited at the fair.

Donation Schemes

The organizers appeal to the Samskrit lovers among the general public to help this noble cause of education by donating generously. Here is a couple of donation schemes we’d suggest you to think about:

  • Sponsor a Delegate: Rs. 1000/- will help meet the food, accommodation of a visiting scholar as well as support part of the conference and exhibition expenses.
  • Sponsor 10 Delegates: Rs. 10000/- will support ten such delegates to the event.

We encourage you to sponsor as many of the 10000 delegates as your conscience calls and purse permits. Also, please involve your community. Ask them to treat it as a festival in their backyard and seek Rs. 100/- from each household in your neighborhood for this cause. Please bear in mind that the funds will be used to meet the overall event expenses.

How to Donate

Please visit the Donation Page to make a donation.

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  1. M.Rajagopalan

    I am willing to be a volunteer . But inform me completely about the volunteer services and what is expected of volunteers before I volunteer.

    I know sdanskrit and I taught to high school students a little bit of sanskrit.

    We have got a veda group in Memphis(TN) USA and we learn meaning of some vedas. M.Rajagopalan

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