Publisher Stalls

Here are the details of the book stalls at the Samskrit book fair. The layout plan of the venue including stalls and their design has been finalized.

Publishers can now click here to register, check stall availability and request stall allotment online.

Click here to view the current stall availability.

Stall Area Details

Layout of the book stalls area at the Book Fair Venue

  • There will be a total of 154 stalls of which about 140 will be available for publishers of all categories. The stall area also contains a lounge at one corner for exhibitions and short presentations by authors as well as publishers.
  • The entire stall area will be completely covered for weather protection, comfort and security during all the four days of the fair.
  • In addition to the entire area being locked for safety after 10pm, there will be 24 hour security vigil in the area.
  • The entire stall area will be on an elevated wooden platform covered with carpet.

Stall Details

This is how a corridor of stalls will look. The stalls have an open ceiling.

  • Each stall is 10ft x 10ft in size. It comes with four 2”x4” tables, two chairs and an electric power socket. The stall’s partitions/walls will be made of material that allows posters to be stuck with pins easily.
  • Each stall along with the above equipment costs Rs. 4000 inclusive of all taxes. With a view to promoting Samskrit publishing, this rate is already heavily discounted and is less than half the actual cost incurred by the organizers. Please bear with us and refrain from asking for a discount.
  • Additional equipment such as tables, chairs, bookshelves, power extension sockets will be available from a third party for rent charged separately. You can ask for them in the online registration form linked below.
  • Publishers can book one or more adjacent stalls to get a larger area for themselves.

Publishers can click here to register, check stall availability and request stall allotment online.

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  1. Sanjeevah,Kashi

    please book 1 stall for Giridhar prakashan
    shree Mukund Gopal sewa Sansthan, Shree Gopalmandir, Varanasi 221 001
    Secretary – Arun Parikh 09839384825
    if possible than book it adjusent to Sarwbhaum sanskrit sanshthan of Varanasi. it vl b more convinient for us.
    DD.of 4000/- vl b sent when u vl kindly confirm that it is booked through cellfone.

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