Venue Layout

The venue for the World Samskrit Book Fair 2011 is the National College Ground, Basavanagudi, BANGALORE, INDIA. Here is the overall floor plan of the venue.

Floor Plan of the Book Fair Venue at the National College Ground, Bangalore.

On the left is the main auditorium where all the invited talks, cultural events and panel discussions happen. The top right section is the area for exhibits. The publisher stalls are the lines of green squares in the bottom right section.  The food court is the green patch at the top. The main auditorium, the publisher stalls area and the exhibit area, all have a roof above and an elevated wooden platform with carpet below them for protection against weather and other disturbances.

For more information on each of these sections of the venue, navigate to their respective pages under the “Venue” menu item at the top.

Click here for information about booking publisher stalls.

Watch out for updates to this page, where we will provide directions to the venue, food courts and other logistics.

2 Responses to “Venue Layout”

  1. Atul Moghe

    i want to attend this pustak mela.
    can you brief me regarding delegation fees, lodging or boarding arrangement for the outstation delegation.
    i would be joining there along with my father shri kashinath Moghe.
    i am a reglar reader of Sambhashan Sandesh.
    kindly let us know whether we should do booking in hotels or Dharmashala. stay for four days in banglore would cost how much for two people.