Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pay to attend the event? »

No, the event is free of charge.

Where can I find the programme of events? »

Please click here for the event schedule page

How can I volunteer to help before or during the fair? »

Please click here for more details on volunteering

How can I donate financially? »

Click here to make a donation.

The organising committee welcomes all donations whether from individuals, corporate or not-for-profits.  All financial contributions are exempted from tax under Section 80G.

Corporates may also choose from silver, gold and platinum corporate sponsorship options which provide for publicity and advertising opportunities.

For more details please click here or contact our Public Relations Officer, Srinivasan on


I am a publisher and would like to book a stall, how can I do this? »

Please click here for the publisher registration page

We would like to send a delegation from our institution, do we need to register? »

Please contact the delegate coordinator for your region, available here.

Samskrita Sambhashana Sibirams

I would like to attend a spoken Samskrit class nearby, Where is it happening? »

Please contact Sri Lakshmi Narayana Bhat at Aksharam at +91-80-26721052.

How can I help organize and/or teach a class, whom should I contact? »

Please click here for more details on volunteering

National Samskrit Conference

What is the programme of events for the conference? »

Please click here to view the event programme

Is the conference open to everyone? »

The conference is intended for delegates and scholars, and is by invitation only. If you would like to apply for an invitation, please send an email to

I would like to propose a seminar/speech for the conference, whom should I contact? »

Please send an email to


How can I get to the fair from where I’m staying in Bangalore? »

Please click here for a list of taxi operators

Please click here for Bangalore bus routes

Can I get help shipping books and materials to/from the book fair? »

Yes, there is a facility to ship cargo to and from the book fair. Visit our Shipping Services web page for details.


Is accommodation provided? »

Accommodation will be provided for registered delegates (who is a delegate?) and publisher stall staff coming from outside Bangalore.

Can you recommend a hotel near to the event venue? »

Please visit our accommodation page for a list of hotels near the venue.

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