Workshop on Strategic Transformation of Samskrit Institutions

The context for this workshop is the status of Samskrit institutions and infrastructure in India today. There are issues about Samskrit infrastructure and its eco system. Here are some of those issues:

  • Contextual relevance of Samskrit institutions, which needs to be revisited.
  • Dwindling student strength for Samskrit courses. Students do not seem to enjoy learning Samskrit on account of pedagogical choices that we adopt.
  • Perceived stagnancy in Samskrit literature.
  • Rapidly mushrooming technological choices and the need to know how to exploit them in the Samskrit domain.

The workshop is designed to address these issues and evolve a newer agenda for teaching, training, research, literature creation and promotion of Samskrit.

Coordinator: Prof. Mahadevan, Dean, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

To participate, you must apply by filling the writeup and dropping it off at Media Center. For details, see the How to Apply section below.

For questions or comments, send email to or contact Sai Susarla at 99020-39123.


January 9, 2011:

  • 09.30am – 10.00: Opening remarks and conceptual inputs pertaining to strategic transformation
  • 10.00 – 10.45: Themes 1 & 2: Deliberations
  • 10.45 – 11.00: Discussions based on the deliberations
  • 11.00 – 11.15: Coffee Break
  • 11.15 – 12.00: Themes 3 & 4: Deliberations
  • 12.00 – 12.15pm: Discussions based on the deliberations
  • 12.15 – 12.30pm: Concluding remarks


National College Auditorium adjacent to the book fair venue.

Who can participate in the Workshop?

This workshop is open to the academic community in the domain of Samskrit. Heads of departments, Professors, Readers and Lectures who are active in research and teaching and have a keen desire to make impactful changes in Samskrit teaching and research are welcome to apply for the workshop. The seats in the workshop are limited to 40.

How to Apply for Participation?

Interested participants must fill in the workshop participation form (MS Word document), drop it off at Media Center (behind the main stage) or send a copy to  Selection will be based on participant’s overall experience and the writeup. The statement of purpose must be submitted as part of the nomination form.

Selected candidates will be notified by phone before the event on Jan 9, 2011 at 9am.

Workshop Themes

Theme 1: Ushering Contemporary Relevance into the Samskrit Domain

Educational institutions have to relate their core activities to the current realities. Otherwise, there is a very high risk of them vanishing, no matter how long they have been operating. What is the current reality that the Samskrit institutions are facing? Where is the society headed? What are the major problems that it is facing? Do we not have to address some of these and bring them into our own teaching and research agenda? Currently, Samskrit teachers are not perceived to be part of the mainstream. Getting back to the mainstream requires enormous efforts to connect the bridges with reality. Being part of the mainstream  provides new agenda for institutions. Why do students lack passion and interest in Samskrit? Is it an issue of contextual relevance that we spoke about? Do we need to urgently address this issue?

Theme 2: Pedagogical issues in Samskrit

There are certain assumptions pertaining to the teaching methodology employed in Samskrit institutions. It may be very useful to question this assumption. Many Samskrit teachers do not have conversational proficiency in Samskrit. Why do we have this problem? Can we brood over an example in which the language teacher has no proficiency in communication and oratory skills in the language? What is the implication of this? What impact it creates in the institution and what are the consequences? How important is this in the long run? There are related aspects to samskrit teaching: what to teach and how to teach. Some areas that need greater introspection include:

  • Programme for Sanskrit teachers
  • Methods of creating literature for teaching purposes
  • Creating new teaching methodologies
  • Programme for content creation proficiency

Theme 3: Deployment of technological tools for Samskrit teaching, research and community outreach

There are several developments that we see around us and we may want to ask how to embrace them and work with them. One of them is technology (primarily Internet and related technologies). Technology can play a very big role in opening up a new world of possibilities to bridge gaps and improve reach and productivity. Technology might very well enable us to sort out some of the problems we currently face and take us to a different level of accomplishment. Today’s technology makes us believe that we are in a flat world, a connected world and perhaps in the making of a knowledge village. This must influence our thinking today. What are the technological choices (such as Wikipedia, Blogs, youtube etc.) available and how can Samskrit institutions make use of them in their activities? What kind of training and orientation do Samskrit teachers require to make use of them?

Theme 4: New Research and Literature Creation in Samskrit

There is a perceived stagnancy in the field of Samskrit. We are not able to attract the best students for Samskrit learning. There is also a dwindling student strength for Samskrit courses. Naturally, the teaching and research agenda of the teachers will also come down. How do we address this issue? Can we connect the vast legacy and history of Samskrit language, knowledge and ideas with the modern subjects and the current society? What kind of new orientation should we attempt now? How do we address the important issue of contemporary literature creation?

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    Sir, I want participate in the workshop. I am a teacher educator. working as associate professor in rashtriya sanskrit vidyapeetha tirupati, teaching methods of teaching sanskrit for the last five years. I also wrote a book on methods of teaching sanskrit. My request is please enroll my name in the workshop.I could not send my application form in required form please excuse me

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