Exhibitions and Programmes

There will be a series of events at the fair, including exhibitions, cultural programmes, workshops and book and author talks.


The exhibitions are intended to highlight the knowledge and heritage of ancient India and its relevance to the future.  Exhibitions will include:

  • A bird’s eye view of the status of Samskrit today
  • Introduction to India’s manuscript wealth
  • Vedic instruments and charts
  • Demos and models of science and technology
  • Demo of Samskrita vipaṇi – a retail store completely run in Samskrit
  • Introductory posters of Samskrit universities

Cultural Programmes

  • Nāṭakotsava: Samskrit dramas
  • 1008 spoken Samskrit classes in Bengaluru
  • Saṃskṛta gṛha sammelanam
  • Saṃskṛta bāla sammelanam
  • Saṃskṛta krīḍā: games in Samskrit
  • Avadhāna: traditional Indian intellectual contests
  • Indian classical dance and music


  • Ṥalākā parīkṣā: traditional Indian method of student evaluation
  • Pandita parishad: Panel discussions by scholars
  • Workshops on translations, new vocabulary and the role of Samskrit
  • Management and leadership principles in Indian literature

Author and Book Events

Participating publishers are invited to nominate up to three of their authors and/or books for a promotional event. The organisers will select the most interesting ones and those selected will be offered a 45 minute presentation slot which could take the form of a book reading, a talk by the author or editor or a talk on a subject related to the book.

The list of author and book events will be published just before the fair.  If you would like to nominate an author or book for an event, please contact the publisher representatives:

–          Domestic publishers – Sai Susarla

–          International publishers – Venetia Ansell

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  1. Sripad Navali

    I’m very much excited to be part of this huge event!!!
    Sad that i need to wait for 2 more days…

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