Cultural Programs

In addition to music concerts in Samskrit every evening of the fair, there is also a unique Samskrit-based cultural programme for the public on January 8th and 9th, 2011 from 10 AM to 8 PM at Kuvempu Kalakshetra adjacent to the book fair venue, entitled Drshya Kavya Vaibhavam by renowned scholars in Samskrit, music and other art forms.

The coordinator for this event is Dr. (Smt.) S.R. Leela, Member of Legislative Council, Govt of Karnataka and a reputed Samskrit scholar herself.

This program’s brochure is available in English and Kannada for download.

Here is the schedule of that program:

  • Kaavya-chitra: programme by Samskrita Bharati Bengaluru
    • Artists: Shataavadhaani Dr. R. Ganesh and B.K.S. Verma
    • Co-ordinator: Shri Chakravarti Tirumagan
  • Garba Dance: Ahmedabad Troupe, Gujarat.
    • Organizer: Shri Chandrabhushan Pandey
  • Bihoo Dance: Guwahati Team, Assam
    • Organizer: Shri Bhaven Saikia
  • Ashtaavakra: Puppet show by Dhaatu Puppet Theatre, Bangalore.
    • Direction: Smt. Anupama Hoskere
  • Baalacharitam: Film show by Abhinaya Bharati, Bangalore.
    • Direction: Dr. S. R. Leela
  • Yakshagaana in Samskrit: Sringeri Troupe, Karnataka.

These programs will be interspersed with Samskrit songs, Jokes, special shows for children and many other art demonstrations.

Grand 1003rd Kaavya-Chitra Program: A Literary, Visual and Musical Feast

  • When? January 8, 2011 10 AM to 12 noon.
  • Artists:
    • Kaavya: Shataavadhaani Dr. R. Ganesh
    • Chitra: Shri. B.K.S. Verma
    • Flute: Vidwan Venugopal
    • Accompaniments: Mridangam, Vocal, Prcchakas and others.
  • Coordinator: Chakravarti Tirumagan, Praanta Sanchalak, Samskaara Bharati
  • Compere: Kumari Dhanyata.

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  1. jayanthi

    supraphatham, ahmam chennai nagara allgachami. Iam seeing the book fair live in sankara tv thank you for the arrangements to see live in tv. Today I am coming to the bookfair and to hear samsrit conversation.

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