Publishers and Book Sales

The book fair will  feature books in printed and e-text as well as audio and video materials from three types of publishers:

  1. Commercial Indology and Samskrit publishers
  2. Institutional publishers
  3. NGOs and not-for-profit publishers
  4. Individual publishers

The list of publishers, and the books they will be bringing to the fair, will be added to this page once details are available.

If you are a publishers and would like more information on participating, please go to the publishers page for more details.

17 Responses to “Publishers and Book Sales”

  1. Dear Sir/madam,

    i am looking for saptarishi samhita book or hard copy in sanskrit, if any one of the publishers has the same, kindly let me know so that i can contact them and get them. hope some one had published the same.

    Thanking you
    R. Raghunathan

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