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A Grand Success: Some Book Fair Statistics

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Whoever has visited the World Samskrit Book Fair in January 2011 in Bangalore got one message loud and clear: Samskrit is not merely surviving, it is very much thriving in the hearts of people, and has a bright future ahead as a living language and as people’s language. People who were skeptical whether there is enough public interest to sustain the program over four days, saw first hand that every venue at the fair including book stalls and exhibition was jam-packed most of the time. Not only that, at least a dozen book stall owners  closed down because their entire stock was sold in the first two days! It’s not merely curiosity about Samskrit, it is people’s thirst for Samskrit literature that was so amply demonstrated at this book fair. So much so, that both public as well as publishers want more such fairs to be held at multiple places, multiple times in a year.

The main auditorium was at least 70% full for all events, even those conducted in pure Samskrit, not just during the cultural programs in the evening. The area was equally packed with people during  Sri S.P.Balasubrahmaniam’s concert as during the Samskrit fusion music concert.

What this book fair demonstrated is the massive amount of Samskrit interest among the general public, not merely among scholars, as evidenced by the turnout for every kind of event.

The Verdict

  • “When is the next…”

The World Samskrit Book Fair 2011 at a Glance

  • 128 publishers – a first time ever (100 publishers expected)
  • 154 stalls – all sold out (136 originally planned)
  • 12 Lakhs books sold – (5 lakh book sales expected)
  • > 4 lakh visitors ( 1 to 1.5 lakh visitors expected)
  • Rs. 4 crores worth of Books Sales ( 2 crores targetted)
  • 1.5 Lakh books given away as ‘Pustaka Prasada’ – a first!
  • 308 New Samskrit Titles + CD/VCD/Audio books released at the Book Release Functions – a record!

Some Interesting Facts

  • Dignitaries Included..
    • All Vice Chancellors of Samskrit Universities
    • Ministers & State representatives from 6 States (MP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttarkhand, MHRD, Karnataka)
    • Spiritual leaders, Polititicians, IAS & IPS officers
  • More than 200 Schools & Colleges came to the Exhibition
  • 44 Schools participated in cultural events & competitions
  • 3 publishers sold off all their books on the very first day!
  • 50 stalls were empty on the third day
  • Largest number of books sold were – Modern and Simple Samskrit literature
  • Live coverage by Sri Sankara TV Channel
  • Live Web cast of the event worldwide

Six Great Programs, One Historic Event

Here are the statistics of the proceedings both leading up to and during the book fair. There were six programs:

  1. Spoken Samskrit Camps during November and December 2010
  2. Jnaanagangaa (ज्ञानगङ्गा) – Exhibition on the Samskrit-based Knowledge Heritage of India
  3. Cultural Extravaganza
  4. Samskrita Graama
  5. National Samskrit Conference
  6. World Samskrit Book Fair

Spoken Samskrit Camps

  • 520 ‘Speak Samskrit in 10 days’ camps during November and December 2010 in Bangalore.
  • New Developments in Bangalore:
    • 28 new Tutor Training Centers developed
    • 146 new Tutors trained to teach Samskrit through the medium of Samskrit
    • Lawyers, Professors, Doctors, Software Engineers among those trained
    • 300 new teaching centres formed in Bangalore, including at  Infosys, Yahoo, Microsoft, NetApp
    • More than 20000 Bangaloreans learnt to speak Samskrit

Jnaana Ganga Exhibition

  • Jointly organized by IIT Mumbai, ISRO, C-DAC, JN Planetarium, National Manuscripts Mission, Dhatu, Samskrita Bharati and many other research organizations
  • 25 topics and 500 charts covering Astronomy, Metallurgy, Medicine, Agriculture, Mathematics, Town planning, Management principles among others.
  • Models of Vyoohas from the Mahabharata war
  • Mini Planetarium
  • Models of various devices
  • Mobile Manuscripts Protection Unit

Cultural Extravaganza

  • Musical Performances
    • Samskrita Sangiita Kaveri by Vidwaan Sri Vidyaabhushana
    • Samskrit Fusion Music by Sri Rajesh Krishnan (Kannada movie playback singer)
    • Rasamanjari by Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmaniam
    • Samskrita Gaana Goshthi by Vidwaan Sri R.K. Padmanabha
  • ‘Dharmabhumi’ – Samskrit Ballet by Sri Prabhath Kalavidaru
  • Dance Performances
    • Manipuri
    • Bihu
    • Garba
    • Pala
  • Samskrit Film -‘Blacharitam’ Directed by Smt Dr S R Leela
  • Samskrit Drama – ‘Kaarakam’ bu Chotipuri Gurukula Girl Students
  • Samskrit Kavya-Chitra- by Shatavadhani R Ganesh, Sri BKS Verma
  • Samskrita Yakshagana – by Sringeri Vidyapeeth
  • “Ashtaavakra” – a Samskrit Puppet show by Dhatu

Samskrita Grama

  • Walk through experience at a Samskrit Village
  • Experience of day-to-day Samskrit conversations @
    • School
    • Post Office
    • Mechanic Workshop
    • Graam Panchayat
    • Shops
    • Samskrita Grham & the portico
    • Children playing Samskrit
    • Samskrit street plays (veethi natakam) by Shibham Karoti & Maitreyi Gurukul students

National Samskrit Conference

  • 1300 volunteers
  • 7146 registered participants, more than 1500 local participants
  • Accomodation in 53 Kalyan Mantaps
  • 70 food counters in 4 Kalyan Mantaps under natural scenery
  • Delegates from 23 states & 2 Union territories
  • Delegates from 500 districts and 2100 Towns and Villages
  • Participation from 15 countries
  • Programs
    • Kavi Goshthi
    • Youth conference
    • Women’s conference
    • Science conference
    • Workshop on Management Principles
    • Shalaakaa Pareeksha
    • Seminar on Samskrit education
    • Seminar on Samskrit Book Publication

Call for Participation in Workshop

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The organizers of the Samskrit Book Fair have announced a workshop during the Samskrit Book Fair entitled “Strategic Transformation of Samskrit Institutions” coordinated by Prof. B. Mahadevan, Dean, Indian Institute of Management, BANGALORE.

This workshop is open to the academic community in the domain of Samskrit. Heads of departments, Professors, Readers and Lectures who are active in research and teaching and have a keen desire to make impactful changes in Samskrit teaching and research are welcome to apply for the workshop. The seats in the workshop are limited to 40.

How to Participate

At this time, the workshop organizers solicit participation requests from those in the Samskrit academic community. There is a screening process to select the participants among those that apply.

For further details and participation instructions, please visit the workshop page.

Participating Publishers List is now available

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A number of publishers have already confirmed their participation in the book fair, and a lot more are in finalizing their plans.

The up-to-date list of publishers can now be viewed online.

Call for Participation in Exhibition

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An exhibition area (प्रदर्शनी) is reserved at the book fair venue to showcase knowledge heritage and innovation in Samskrit. In addition to several exhibitions already being planned, the organizing committee would like to provide an opportunity for general public to exhibit at the fair.

At this time, we invite organizations and individuals to send their exhibition proposals on topics related to Samskrit including, but not limiited to, the topics suggested below. The exhibits can be posters/charts of ongoing/completed work, models of equipment, multimedia presentations or interactive demonstrations to be displayed at the venue. Please keep in mind that your audience can be general public who are beginners in Sanskrit, institutions as well as scholarly individuals and publishers.

Since the number of exhibition slots are limited, the organizing committee will screen incoming proposals.

How to Register

To sign up for exhibition, please contact one of our exhibition coordinators (प्रदर्शिनी-प्रमुखाः) below via email or phone, giving the following details.

  • A short title for your exhibition,
  • A brief description of the subject matter. Novelty in any form is highly encouraged and will be given preference.
  • The mode of exhibition: charts, media, etc. How much space is needed?
  • Your contact details: Name, Email and Phone#
  • Any indication of your readiness to exhibit, such as photos of the items, website, etc.

Based on these details, the organizers will get back to you indicating acceptance for exhibition. Please communicate to us and get our confirmation before starting to work on a topic. This will help us to avoid duplication.

Exhibition Coordinators

Please contact exhibition coordinator whose contact detailed are mentioned below, or send an email to

Suggested Topics

Here is a long list of suggested topics just to trigger your imagination. Of course, you are free to propose others:

  • Science in Samskrit (भारतीय विज्ञानम्‌) – mathematics, chemistry, physics, botany, metellurgy, astronomy, etc.,
  • Ayurveda – can be based on Sushruta samhita, Charaka samhita, etc.,
  • Yoga
  • Art forms – dances, drama, martial arts
  • Literature, History
  • Cow related topics – panchagavya, gomutra and other medicinal and non-medicinal uses of cow products
  • Bharatiya Agriculture (organic) – can be based on Vrikshayurveda and other traditional practices
  • Bharatiya Education System
  • Manuscripts
  • Astrology, Panchanga and Kaala ganana system
  • Bharatiya architecture – Eg., temples, palaces and other structures
  • Ancient Bharatiya administration and judicial system – can be based ‘Arthashastra’ of kautilya and records of different empires
  • War techniques – weapons, vyuhas, etc.,
  • Shodasha samskaras
  • Influence of Samskrit on other languages in the world
  • Vishwa vyaapi Ramayana
  • Science in Jain and Buddhist traditions – eminent scientists and achievers in Jain and Buddhist traditions
  • Veda Vijnana
  • Traditional Bharatiya Jewelleries
  • Samskrit and Computing Science
  • Model of a Samskrit Village and Marketplace

Publisher Stalls Now Open for Allotment

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The Book fair venue has been finalized to be National High School grounds in Bangalore. The venue’s floor plan has also been designed. Publishers can now register for attending the book fair and request stall allotment online.

Please visit the Stall Information page for more details and instructions.

Or, go directly to fill out the online Publisher Registration and Stall Request form.

Check out the current Stall Availability and Booking Status.

Invitation for Publishers

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The World Samskrit Book Fair will be the largest ever Samskrit publishing event to date, with an estimated 100,000 attendees and over 100 publishers.  The fair will provide an opportunity for publishers not only to market and sell their titles, but also to engage with key figures in the industry and to collaborate with their peers in Samskrit publishing.

Who Will Be Attending?

The fair attendees will include a diverse range of Samskrit scholars, students and lovers of the language and its literature from all over India and beyond.  Attendees are expected from various fields including:

  • Education: including curriculum decision makers, university faculty,  school teachers and students
  • Scholarship: including research institutes, independent scholars and visiting faculty and students from outside India
  • General interest: including over a million Samskrit enthusiasts linked to Samskrita Bharati and those interested in Indian philosophy, science, yoga, ayurveda.

Which Publishers Are Invited?

The organisers invite active participation by publishers of books, video and audio, both in the Samskrit language proper as well as publications about the Samskrit language and literature in other languages from:

  • Commercial Indology and Samskrit publishers
  • Institutional publishers
  • NGOs and not-for-profit organisations
  • Individual publishers

Publishers are asked to exhibit only those of their books and rich-media publications (audio, video, eLearning etc) that are Samskrit-related.

What Are the Advantages of Participating?

Sale opportunities:

  • Institutional buyers will include educational, research, religious and government bodies.  The government has allocated funds towards book buying at the fair, so sales to educational institutes in particular are expected to be high.
  • Arrangements are also being made to fund discounts on material purchased during the fair.
  • Samskrit scholars and students
  • General public

Business and networking opportunities: The fair will act as a platform for the Samskrit publishing industry to meet, exchange ideas, form partnerships and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the Samskrit publishing world today.  Participants will include:

  • Samskrit-related publishers
  • Leading figures from the Sanskrit community
  • Retailers and service providers

Publicity opportunities, including:

  • Media coverage
  • Author and book promotion: including the chance to promote your book or author in a free publicity event

If you are a publisher and would like to know how to participate in the book fair, visit our Publisher Information Page.