Samskrita Sangama on Jan 9, 2011 3-5pm

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The success of the historic and unique exhibition and the Sanskrit conference at the national level was highlighted during the occasion. The function began with an invocation by Smt.  Pramila Diwakar and an introductory speech by Sri Dinesh Kamat, the general secretary of Samskrita Bharati. He proclaimed that the event has truly showcased the treasure trove of Samskrit, and thanked people from all walks of life who came as guests, delegates, scholars, students and visitors, making the event a grand success. This spirit must begin the awakening of younger minds towards the quest for ancient wisdom. Books written by Sri Rama Jois – Dharma, Trivarga and Manu Smritiya Bhashya – were released on the occasion.

Sri R.C. Lahoti, former Chief Justice of India, said he was surcharged with emotion for the love of Samskrit. The event looked like a kumbha mela for learning and rejuvenating Samskrit.  He made a remarkable quote by Iqbal – “Sanskrit is the expression of immortal cultural views”, and Sri Aurobindo  – “Sanskrit is the most magnificent, prominent and sufficient instrument developed by human mind.”

Sri Rama Jois, former Governor and Chief Justice felt that the event should be recorded in golden letters being unique and historical. He gave elaborate contributions of Samskrit to universal progress.

V.S Acharya minister for Higher Education, Govt. of Karnataka, lamented that the past 50 years had seen neglect, decline and marginalized learning of Samskrit. This event is an attempt to showcase the language at its best. The installation of Sanskrit University is a great achievement in this regard. New awakening should be seen amongst youth for Samskrit renaissance.

Sri Braj Mohan Agarwal, Chattisgarh’s higher education minister, felt that as the language of religion, rituals and practice, Samskrit enlivens customs and culture and welcomed the organizers to organize such an event at Chattisgarh.

S. Raman, Managing Director, Canara Bank greatly acknowledged that Sanskrit is the only perfect phonetic language in the world, the event has been quite a stimulating and thrilling experience.

Sri Alex Director IAITR, Chennai claimed that Sanskrit capital of our country is now the  city hosting the event, Bangalore. It cannot demise since it is Devanagari i.e. perfectly made by the God –i.e.,  Srushti, Sthiti and Laya. As long as our body breath stays till then the language does exist.

V.V. Bhat, IAS, Secretary, Atomic  Energy Commission said the event is an unprecedented success and knowledge mining must be done to make a concrete agenda for research of Sanskrit. He appealed to advocate the significance of the language everywhere.

Satyanarayana Bhat, Samskrita Bharati thanked everyone present and all those who worked for the grand success of the historic event.

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