Press Release on Sep 20, 2010 by Justice M. N. Venkatachalaiah, President, World Samskrit Book Fair

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Date: Sep 20, 2010

A World Samskrit Book Fair (WSBF) is being organized from January 7th to 10th 2011 in Bengaluru jointly by all the Samskrit Universities, Government of Karnataka, Samskrit Academies, Oriental Research Institutes, International Association for Samskrit Studies, National Manuscript Mission, Samskrita Bharati and other NGOs working in the field of Samskrit. Such a Samskrit Book Fair is being organized for the first time in modern history.

Due to the advent and popularity of Indian knowledge systems like Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Bhagavadgita etc. all over the world during the last few decades, there is a renewed interest in learning Samskrit language, the key to the treasure house of Indian knowledge tradition. This sudden spurt is also due to the people’s longing to go back to the roots, and to access the primary sources. With this background, and to make Samskrit books available at one place, the World Samskrit Book Fair (WSBF) is arranged. Not only books in Samskrit, but books on Samskrit literature in all the Indian languages will also be showcased in the WSBF.

14 Samskrit Universities including Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan under MHRD, Govt. of India, 120 Samskrit PG Depts. of General Universities, 16 Oriental Research Institutes, 7 Sanskrit Academies, a few dozen NGOs and about 100 Publishers will be participating in the Book Fair. Participants are also expected from about 20 countries.

The venue will be National High School grounds, Basavanagudi, BANGALORE. As part of the Book Fair, there will be a three day National Conference of Samskrit scholars, a large Exhibition on “Knowledge Heritage of India” and cultural programs in the evenings. 1008 Samskrita Sambhashana Shibirams (10 Days’ Speak Samskrit Classes) in 1008 places of Bangaluru city will be organized as a prelude to Book Fair, where in about 30,000 people are expected to learn Samskrit. About 10,000 delegates are expected to participate in the conference and about 2 lakh visitors would visit the Fair.

One of the objectives of the Book Fair is to give a fillip to modern Samskrit literature and to produce and publish Samskrit learning material based on new methods and approaches to language learning. Efforts towards this end are already going on in different parts of the country and a few hundred new books, CDs and DVDs would be released in the Book Fair.

Scholars of international repute will participate in the Conference, which would highlight ancient solutions to modern problems and the relevance of Samskrit in today’s knowledge-driven world. Samskrit being the common pan-Indian cultural language, this Book Fair and the conference would be an ideal occasion to experience national integration and national harmony.  Both the conference and the exhibition would show to the world the secular and harmonizing facets of Samskrit literature and the Samskrit community.

Samskrit language is complementary to all the Indian languages, Kannada in particular. Hence the Book Fair would also showcase the contribution of Karnataka, Kannada language in particular, for the growth of Samskrit and Samskriti. Books in Kannada, related to Samskrit literature will also be published. Efforts are being made to translate famous Kannada works into Samskrit and publish them during the Book Fair.

The Karnataka Samskrit University and other Samskrit institutions of Karnataka are also actively working for the success of the Book Fair.  The Dept. of Higher Education, Dept. of Primary and Secondary Education, Dept. of Kannada and Culture of the Government of Karnataka have assured their fullest support for the Book Fair.

We appeal to the public of Karnataka to extend all their cooperation and support for this cause. Those who are interested in more details may kindly visit our website – or call +91-80-26721052.

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