Welcome to the First ever World Samskrit Book Fair 2011!

A festival to celebrate Samskrit in its multiple facets (संस्कृतस्य विराट्‌-रूपम्‌) as a language of the future:

  • Exhibits to showcase the knowledge heritage of India.
  • Book Sale Event: Over 300 new Samskrit Books released, 100 Samskrit-related publishers participating.
  • Cultural Programs: Concerts, dramas, puppet shows, model homes, marketplaces – all in Simple Samskrit.
  • All India Samskrit Conference: Vaak spardhaa, Seminars, Sammelans of various focus groups.

Samskrit language is very much thriving. See it, Believe it, Embrace it!

2011 World Samskrit Book Fair: Statistics at a Glance

Here are the statistics.

Book Stalls:

  • 128 publishers – a first time ever (100 publishers expected)
  • 154 stalls – all sold out (136 originally planned)
  • 12 Lakh (1.2 million) books sold – (5 lakh book sales expected)
  • > 4 lakh (0.4 million) visitors ( 1 to 1.5 lakh visitors expected)
  • Rs. 4 crores (Rs. 40 million) worth of Book Sales (2 crores targeted)
  • 1.5 lakh (150,000) books given away free as ‘Pustaka Prasada’ – a first!
  • 308 New Samskrit Titles + CD/VCD/Audio books released at the Book Release Functions – a record!

National Samskrit Conference:

  • 1300 volunteers for the entire book fair event
  • 7146 registered participants, more than 1500 local participants
  • Delegates from 23 states & 2 Union territories of India
  • Participants from 15 countries
  • Delegates from 500 districts and 2100 Towns and Villages

Some Interesting Facts:

  • Dignitaries included..
    • Vice Chancellors of all Samskrit Universities
    • Ministers & State representatives from 6 States – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttarkhand, MHRD (Central Government), Karnataka
    • Spiritual leaders, Polititicians, IAS & IPS officers
  • More than 200 Schools & Colleges came to the Exhibition
  • 44 Schools participated in cultural events & competitions
  • 3 publishers sold off all their books on the very first day!
  • 50 stalls became empty by the third day
  • Largest number of books sold were in the Modern and Simple Samskrit literature category.
  • Live coverage by Sri Sankara TV Channel
  • Live Web cast of the event worldwide

Here are the messages conveyed loud and clear from these numbers:

  • Samskrit language is very much thriving and has a bright future.
  • People are not merely curious about Samskrit. They are thirsty for Samskrit literature – especially modern works.
  • The interest in Samskrit is widespread – not just among a scholarly few!

Please view our announcement of detailed statistics of the entire event.

Information at a Glance

What is it? Read all about the Book Fair: its objectives, organizers and attractions
When? January 7-10, 2011.
Where? National College Basavanagudi, BANGALORE, INDIA (click for directions).
Who can attend? Fee? Free access to the general public of all ages and Samskrit backgrounds.
Any Brochure? Download the PDF brochure in English and Kannada. Spread the word!
Which Events? Activities of all kinds: scholarly, cultural and fun. View the Event Schedule.
Which Publishers? View the list of 100+ participating publishers of Samskrit-related books.
How can I help? Donate your time and money for Samskrit. Visit our Support Us page.

Unique Features

  • A Samskrit confluence with a difference: of Samskrit scholars, students and Samskrit lovers at one venue.
  • A collective effort of Central and State Governments of India, all Samskrit Universities and Research Institutes, and the International Association for Samskrit Studies.
  • About 100 prominent publishers of material in Samskrit and Samskrit-related topics.
  • 10000 delegates visiting from 2000 places in 500 districts of 25 states of India.
  • A memorable festival for Samskrit scholars and lovers alike of all backgrounds:
    • Yuva sammelanam
    • mahilaa sammelanam
    • kavi sammelanam
    • shikShaa sammelanam

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